The initial brief was to create a new website for the school which was easier to use than their existing site.

After considering the options it was decided that the best way to proceed was to enrol the school on Google’s G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education).

Our sister company ‘Operatic Data’ specialises in Cloud Computing as well as Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.  For this reason they were able to set-up the Darley School on the Google G Suite for education.

This programme is almost identical to the normal G Suite for Businesses and individuals, but instead of the normal charge per user per month (of approx €5) Google offer the product for free to educational providers.  There are also a few additional features such as enhanced security.

Part of this package was the Google Sites app which allows for the creation of websites (both public facing and private).  The product is not as capable or as easily customisable as the best of the modern content management packages such as WordPress but it is extremely easy to use and there are no overheads to maintaining it (and it is effectively free with the Google G Suite for Education).

One additional task which developed was to recreate the school logo as the only one they had was adapted from a photograph of a hand stitched badge and as such was of very low quality.
The version created is now a vector file so it can be resized to any scale needed by the school without loosing any quality.

The new website can be seen in all it’s glory below:

The Darley National School Cootehill – Website

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