Operatic Data is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics company based in County Cavan.

In addition to their core BI work, they also specialise in helping companies to move their hardware, software and data into the cloud.

One of the most popular changes is to move from on-premise Microsoft technology to the Office 365 cloud computing environment.

These skills are ideal to complement the work that Chest of Draws can do for you and this is why we have partnered together to give you a one-stop shop for all of your digital needs.

Anyway, back to the design work.

The whole business idea for Operatic Data came from a conversation the company’s founder had with a colleague where he said he wanted to “make the data sing!”

This gave rise to the idea of Operatic Data and in turn that spawned the idea of an opera singer for the logo but instead of notes coming out of his mouth it would be data.

The website for Operatic Data was created by Chest of Draws.

Please feel free to view more of the company’s services at: